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Me: Mom, I love Pikachu,
Mom: Okay.
Me: Do you want to know why?
Mom: No.
Me: I love Pikachu because he is cute and he makes cute noises and does cute things.
Mom: He’s not real…
Me: …
Mom: …
Me: k.

"Hey, why are kittens called kittens? They’re little cats. Shouldn’t they be called cattens?"

  • Just hitting up the old game boy and then
  • Mom: Why are you playing that game?
  • Me: I gotta catch 'em all...
  • Mom: ...Really? That sounds like a lot of work.
  • Me: I know it's my destiny!
  • Mom: Okay...
  • Me: Mom. They're my best friends. In a world we must defend.



(via touchingparadise)

hey little train,
hannah, violist.

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